Our network of specialists offer support to makers in accounting, intellectual property, manufacturing, branding & more.

Margaret Briffa

BRIFFA are an intellectual property law firm. They offer advice to studio holders to help protect, develop, make money from and enforce intellectual property. They are experts in brand strategy and trade mark portfolio management, innovation and invention, designs, copyright, image rights and trade secrets.

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Erin Walls

Erin is a Chartered Accountant working with businesses and individuals in the creative industries. She specialises in start up businesses, and those looking for growth. She supports individuals and business from the very start of an idea to gaining investment for growth and possible sale. She specialises in Creative tax reliefs, R&D claims, Patent box and investment planning as well as all the usual accountancy and tax advice a business may need.

Nigel Rust

Nigel Rust, Business Mentor, Coach and Manufacturing Specialist, is all about ‘Helping Small Businesses Become Great Businesses’ in a personal, tailored and flexible way that suits the individual and adds value to their business. He works with a wide range of craft practices at Cockpit as well as businesses at different stages of grown – from start ups to those which are more established. Support includes Production/manufacturing; Sales & Marketing (especially for those trying to expand); Business Planning; Efficiency Improvement; Production Control/Outsourcing; Human Resources Development; Management Skills; Working out the right product range; Managing the Finances; Starting Up or any number of other business issues.

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Gemma Seltzer

Gemma Seltzer leads outreach for Kickstarter in the UK, with a focus on arts & cultural communities. She supports artists and makers to share their ideas on Kickstarter, helping them raise funds, attract support and bring their creative projects to life. Gemma also works as a writer and runs Write & Shine, a programme of early morning writing workshops.

Becoming a Cockpit Industry Expert

Our growing network of Industry Experts have all pledged a degree of pro bono support to Cockpit makers as well as preferential rates on commercial services. Membership is by invitation only following a recommendation or reference to help ensure the highest quality of support.

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