With your support Cockpit can nurture British craft talent and reach those beneficiaries who are most in need.

Why support Cockpit Arts?

SupportersEventEasterIf you are interested in supporting British craft and design, you have come to the right place. Cockpit Arts is a registered charity and a social enterprise, which means that any profit generated from our activities, as well as funds raised from voluntary sources, are ploughed back into our social remit to support talented designer-makers from all backgrounds to start up and develop successful craft businesses in the UK.

Cockpit Arts is the only organisation of its kind to provide business incubation services in a professionally managed workspace environment. Within our creative communities at our two London centres we offer a variety of entry and progression routes for people wishing to start up and develop a craft business or be employed within one. We also monitor and track progress of our designer-maker beneficiaries and provide publicly available reports on our social, economic and cultural impact.

Hundreds of other makers based outside of our centres are supported directly through our workshop and seminar programmes and remotely via our online resources. We also provide consultancy services at home and overseas, with a focus on craft development strategies, business incubation and creative entrepreneurship.

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What is the social enterprise model?

MakingItEnewsAs a social enterprise, Cockpit Arts trades to generate income to support its social and charitable mission. Income is primarily generated from fees obtained from designer-maker beneficiaries to provide business incubator services. All fees are subsidised and well below commercial rates. Those designer-makers who have benefited the longest from our services pay higher fees than those starting out, so there is a recycling of funds providing assistance to those in greatest need.

Not all our beneficiaries pay fees, and individuals with limited financial means or disadvantaged in other ways can apply for Awards or Bursaries to provide additional support at what will be a critical time for them.

The organisation also continues to focus on generating earned income from fee paying services, such as consultancy, private tours and venue hire. in order to be more financially self-sufficient.

Currently 93% of our income is self-generated from this model. In the future we are aiming to be 100% self-financing and generating surpluses, enabling us to do even more to further our social mission.

About Our Impact

How are funds spent?

ShopCommissionsNow that the Cockpit model has progressed sufficiently so as to be now largely self-funding, more of the funds provided by our supporters go directly into supporting our craft businesses including the most disadvantaged; the craft areas in greatest need; or new areas in need of development for public benefit.

In recent years a high proportion of funds donated have been spent on Awards or Bursaries focussing on support for early stage craft businesses; craft skills in danger of dying out such as musical instrument making and paper making, and crafts such as weaving where there has been a decline in the number of small start-up businesses

New areas in need of development where significant funds are also currently being applied are our outreach and craft employment programmes including the Cockpit Arts / The Prince’s Trust Creative Careers Programme for young previously unemployed young people wishing to start up a craft career, and the Cockpit Arts Creative Employment Programme providing support to first time employers to take on apprentices.

Funds donated to core costs support the development of our social enterprise model as a fully sustainable one, with commensurate year on year increase in economic, social and cultural impact.

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Support Cockpit Arts

ShopEventsThere are a number of Ways to Support including tailored Sponsorship Opportunities and quick and easy Online Donation – all have special benefits which are outlined on our website and Supporters Leaflet. If you are interested in knowing more please contact Vanessa Swann, Chief Executive on 020 7419 1962 or email and she will be happy to provide more detail in person or on the phone.

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