27th March 2017

The London Creative Network Programme at Cockpit Arts is a professional development programme designed to help craft makers to enhance their ability to advance their business – whether through new products and services, or new ways of doing things, or both.

Applications are now open for makers to apply for the next round of the programme.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity to receive free business development support from Cockpit Arts. The deadline for the first round of applications is 24 April 2017.  The programme is open to non-Cockpit based makers as well as those based at our incubators.

Apply online now

On Cockpit Arts’ LCN programme, we work closely with makers to develop new processes, products and services, underpinned by business skills and leading to a more sustainable practice.  The rolling programme caters for all types of craft practices, from batch producers to artist-makers. In addition to building block sessions to address any underlying issues that may limit progress, we offer makers a mix of workshops and one-to-one support to give makers the confidence and skills needed to:

1.     Introduce new-to-the practice product ranges or services, or develop a new unique body of work
2.     Work in a new way, for example, change or alter your production method or technology used
3.     Explore new marketing materials or platforms, or create new material to reach a different audience
4.     Design new systems to improve your business capacity for growth, or develop skills to help your practice run more smoothly
5.     Plus you’ll develop strategic vision, identify goals and milestones, and project management skills for the development of your business

The programme is complimented with support from Cockpit Arts’ in-house business coaches and networking with other LCN partners and programme participants. An induction workshop helps makers set their vision, goals and actions for the coming period and this diagnostic  helps them focus on what they want to achieve on this programme. With our growing pool of industry specialists, the programme  helps makers expand their offer and how they deliver it, underpinned by taking  essential business skills to the next level.