Tamara Gomez

Tamara Gomez

Rough diamond and gem set fine jewellery.

Rough Diamond Stud Earring
Triple Sapphire Nest Ring
Ceramics by Tamara Gomez


I use traditional gold smithing techniques to make jewellery that accentuates and celebrates the beauty of gemstones in their natural form.

Tamara Gomez designs and hand crafts rough diamond and gem set fine jewellery in sterling silver and various carats of gold from her studio at Cockpit Arts in Central London.

Tamara's jewellery has a raw luxury and enduring style derived from using traditional gold smithing techniques and designs that take inspiration from nature, spirituality, intuition and serendipity.

Her signature 'Rough Diamond Collection' recognizes and celebrates the beauty in the idiosyncrasies of an uncut diamond, where certain parts of the jewellery industry would call these quirks 'inclusions'. Tamara sees these aspects of the diamond not as flaws, but as distinctive and beautiful in their own right.

As well as creating signature collections, Tamara regularly works to commission on bespoke designs.

Her training included Loughborough College of Art and Design, and the Royal College of Art.

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Tamara designs and hand crafts fine jewellery using rough diamonds, semi-precious stones, sterling silver and various carats of gold.


Celebrate your love and commitment to the one you love with one of Tamara’s rough diamond rings or hand forged wedding bands. Clients can choose from a selection of stones in a variety of cuts and colours.


Tamara's reverence for nature and natural form is apparent not just in her jewellery design but in the organic looking purity of her ceramic work.

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As well as precious metal jewellery, Tamara also makes ceramic and bronze vessels by hand.