Inspired by ancient cultures, Boodi jewellery represents a positive way of life


Goodness comes from good things, as such all materials are derived from positive sources; the metals are recycled, given new life through ancient design and each gemstone is fully traceable.

Uniting contemporary craftsmanship with classical themes, using jewellery to communicate, across cultures, across civilizations, and across histories to define the way that we want to be right now. Amulets hold spiritual messages; the elements are revered and animals represent freedom.

BIJA will be Boodi’s first collection. Meaning seed in Sanskrit, BIJA is a metaphor for the origin or cause of things. Growing organically, each design is hand carved from wax and cast in recycled precious metals. Delicate sapphires, citrines and tourmalines blossom on fruitful trees and bring accents of vibrant life to sparkling sun rays, or the carved landscape of mountain peaks. The collection employs the emblems of the three ancient cultures that inspired it; pre-Christian Rome, blended with a flavour of Mesopotamia and Egypt. As such, symbolism plays a vital role in the Boodi concept.


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Sarah brings together her fascination with ancient cultures and a protective ethos of positivity. From its source to its message to its purpose, Boodi is more than a collection of jewellery; it represents a way of life.