Mila Harris-Mussi

Mila Harris-Mussi

Performative and Sculptural Knitted Textiles


My work explores the construction and manipulation of knitted textiles with the intention to create three-dimensional surfaces, fabrics or objects.

Mila Harris-Mussi's work focuses on knitted fabrics, primarily experimenting with structural textiles that can be used within fashion, performance and sculpture.

As a designer she investigates the manipulation of different fibres using knit as her main process. Through exploring an extensive variety of fibres and yarns she tests out and pushes their capabilities in order to see what impact they may have on any knitted structures.

Her work is an exploration of the potentials of the material with the intention to create three-dimensional structures, shapes, surfaces, fabrics or objects that are a study of the performance of the materials within a space or on a human body.

Mila Harris-Mussi is the recipient of the 2017 Haberdashers'/Framework Knitters Award.



Cockpit Arts Awards

  • 01/03/2017 - 01/03/2018
    The Cockpit Arts/Haberdashers' Award

fashion and accessories

Fabrics for Fashion and Interiors

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Conceptual knitted installation pieces

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