Laura Ngyou

Laura Ngyou

Beautifully sculptural, intriguing jewellery


I am fascinated by miniature worlds found within natural landscape -from forest to coastline. I think of each piece of jewellery as a composition fashioned from precious metals and unusual gemstones.

Laura’s passion for travel is reflected in her work, which is often inspired by a fascination for miniature worlds found within the natural landscape - from exotic jungle flora to humble rock pools. She is drawn towards discovery and exploration. Born into a large family who span the globe from Asia to north America, she has been lucky enough to discover the wonders these places have to offer.

The rich textural forms of her jewellery are composed of multiple components which cluster and hang together to create movement and intricate, tactile details. Vividly contrasting precious metals and naturally formed gemstones create sumptuous, other-worldly qualities.

Her approach to making is also concerned with discovery and exploration - It is experimental and often process led. She is interested in the ambiguity of form, each piece she creates is ultimately a product of her imagination - an abstract composition which quietly provokes the observer to look more closely and reflect.

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