Jo Heckett

Jo Heckett

Porcelain plates for contemplation

porcelain ceramic plate
porcelain ceramic plate
porcelain ceramic plate
plate, porcelain, painting


I think of shadows, of water rippling, of leaves shaking in the wind, the weathering of surfaces and layering of events, flickering flames, memories of our ancestors.

Originally from Cork in the Irish Republic, Jo trained at Chelsea School of Art and Brighton University where she received a BA (Hons) in 3D Design (Wood, Metal, Ceramics and Plastics).

She is a writer, ceramist and artist, exploring ideas through a range of media, and has a background in healing, massage and meditation, all of which inform her work.

Jo has an MA in Therapeutic Bodywork from the University of Westminster.



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I’m a creative careers participant

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Jo uses porcelain as a canvas, using simple tools to draw on and into the surface and applying slips as paint, exploring concepts as diverse as zen buddhism, neolithic tool making and shamanistic ritual.

other crafts

Jo creates mosaic to commission, from small framed art pieces to large architectural features. Her work often incorporates features made in porcelain at her studio.

site specific and art led