Mind the Cork

Mind the Cork

contemporary eco friendly cork homeware and lifestyle products.


I started Mind the Cork to bring this most versatile of materials into the homewares limelight, with gorgeously crafted interior and lifestyle accessories.

In 2013 Jenny Espirito Santo founded Mind the Cork with the aim of making the most of one of the world’s most underrated materials.

Jenny believes that Cork is a brilliant material. Its harvest doesn’t require the trees to be cut down so it helps maintain wildlife diversity and promotes reforestation. It is also biodegradable, renewable and recyclable – which is pretty fantastic!

Mind the Cork combines bold and original design with fairtrade sustainable materials to create contemporary luxury with an environmental and social conscience.

All Mind the Cork products are made with natural cork sourced directly from the harvesters in Portugal; and are handmade in Jenny's studio or with the help of small manufacturers.


I’m a creative careers participant

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Jenny creates beautiful cork placemats and coasters that are light and heat resistant as well as a range of cork fabric cushions.