Jane Hoodless

Jane Hoodless

Sculptor, fabricator & narrator

Child's nightdress embroidered with lichen
Three ferneries
Wedding cake woven out of hair
Two prints in bespoke handpainted frames


"I am inspired by the criminal, the cultural and the curious, and the desire to know why people do what they do. Or rather, did what they did."

Jane Hoodless has combined words and images all her life, having been a magazine art director and scriptwriter before commencing her practice as a visual artist over a decade ago. The socio-historic narratives she produces are presented with conviction and consideration, and rooted in considerable archive or museum research. In doing so she aims to lift the thin veil between past and present, traditional and contemporary to produce new or unexpected perceptions, and encourage viewers to contemplate the seemingly familiar in thought-provoking and questioning ways.

The materials and techniques Jane uses are determined by concept, and have initiated work in a diverse range of both. She has exhibited at venues such as The Courtauld Institute, The Guildhall Art Gallery, APT Gallery and The Freud Museum.

Making stuff is in Jane's blood; whether she is painting dead men’s words on hoods, carving stone or weaving a wedding cake out of hair.



Cockpit Arts Awards

  • 06/08/2016 - 31/07/2018
    The Cockpit Arts Artist-Maker Residency 2016-18

textiles art led

Jane's manipulation of textiles knows no bounds. She stitches, embroiders, distresses, designs & prints, and reconfigures antique garments and incorporates unusual materials such as hair in her largely one-off textile pieces.

site specific and art led

Jane delights in undertaking site, museum or archive research and reworking her findings into new pieces. She is particularly drawn to the stories of objects and individual narrative in relation to our collective cultural heritage

other crafts

Jane has experience of working in a wide range of craft disciplines, techniques and materials such as stone, wax, plaster, metal, paper, textiles and found objects. Overtly curious, she loves acquiring new skills.