Fiona Betsy Faumuina

Fiona Betsy Faumuina

Playful and delicate woven fabrics created using innovative techniques


Founded in 2016, Fiona Betsy Faumuina’s textile studio creates refined and innovative handwoven textiles using traditional methods in a contemporary way. Exploring the possibilities that arise through a combination of different disciplines, processes and techniques with traditional handweaving results in fabrics ranging from the elegant and ethereal to graphic and playful.

An award-winning textile designer, Fiona was the recipient of the Cockpit Arts/Clothworker’s Foundation Award in 2016 upon graduation from her BA in Textile Design at Chelsea College of Art.



Cockpit Arts Awards

  • 01/07/2016 -
    Cockpit Arts/Clothworker's Foundation Award
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textiles art led

Conceptual woven designs

fashion and accessories

Delicate fashion fabrics


Playful designs for interiors