Clara Breen

Clara Breen

Contemporary jewellery


Subtle finishes and rich textures in precious metals inspire my latest work, inspired by geological phenomena.

French jewellery designer-maker Clara Breen works with precious metals and gems, sometimes combined with fragments of leaflets, train tickets, maps or coloured card. She is fascinated by the sentimental value we attach to these apparently worthless items. Her work plays with the notion of a contemporary keepsake.

Clara's paper and silver ring was featured on BBC Radio 4's 'Woman's Hour', where her client discussed the commissioning process.

Clara’s main focus is to create beautifully crafted pieces, which are at once precious, modern and feminine. The layering effect achieved with paper recalls geological strata, and inspires a precious range in gold and corrugated silver with gems.

jewellery non precious

Each piece of fine paper jewellery tells a very personal story, something to cherish for many years. Clara is always happy to discuss special projects – If you have something special in mind, please ask.

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Design your own unique piece inspired by Clara's signature wavy layers, inspired by geological strata.


Clara's wedding bands and engagement ring collection comes in white and yellow golds, combining subtle matt textures with her signature wavy layers. Suitable for him and her.