Amanda Ross

Amanda Ross

Exquisitely detailed botanical prints


I print from dried plant cuttings which produces images of exquisite clarity.

Amanda Ross produces exquisitely detailed botanical prints. Her pictorial work explores the complex structure of cultivated plants through to wildflowers, and uses actual botanical cuttings to print from. Having trained as a textile designer all of the original prints are on textile and, as such, are framed as art pieces.


Amanda's art pieces are produced using many layers of print, each is an original and cannot be repeated. True to Amanda’s textile background all of the original prints are on fabric and are available mounted and framed.

stationery and book art

The illustrations on Amanda's gift and stationery ranges stem from the same technique ensuring a superb quality and detail.


Want an special wedding present? Try an original artwork with colours tweaked to match the couple’s house. A set of placemats with matching coasters make a lovely gift.