London Creative Network (LCN) is a new development programme for creative practitioners in London.

London Creative Network


Delivered by SPACE, with Cockpit Arts, Four Corners and Photofusion, it will run from September 2016 to Autumn 2018.

The London Creative Network Programme at Cockpit Arts is a professional development programme designed to help craft makers to enhance their ability to advance their business – whether through new products and services, or new ways of doing things, or both.

On Cockpit Arts’ LCN programme, we work closely with makers to develop new processes, products and services, underpinned by business skills and leading to a more sustainable practice. The rolling programme caters for all types of craft practices, from batch producers to artist-makers. In addition to building block sessions to address any underlying issues that may limit progress, we offer makers a mix of workshops and one-to-one support to give makers the confidence and skills needed to:

1. Introduce new-to-the practice product ranges or services, or develop a new unique body of work
2. Work in a new way, for example, change or alter your production method or technology used
3. Explore new marketing materials or platforms, or create new material to reach a different audience
4. Design new systems to improve your business capacity for growth, or develop skills to help your practice run more smoothly
5. Plus you’ll develop strategic vision, identify goals and milestones, and project management skills for the development of your business

The programme is complimented with support from Cockpit Arts’ in-house business coaches and networking with other LCN partners and programme participants. An induction workshop helps makers set their vision, goals and actions for the coming period and this diagnostic helps them focus on what they want to achieve on this programme. With our growing pool of industry specialists, the programme helps makers expand their offer and how they deliver it, underpinned by taking essential business skills to the next level.

We are interested in hearing from potential trainers and consultants for LCN, if you are interested please contact to hear about future calls for recruitment.

Cockpit Arts is an award winning social enterprise and the UK’s only creative-business incubator for craftspeople.

The Details

Deadline for the first round of applications is midnight, 1st May 2017.

To apply to London Creative Network, please read the selection criteria carefully and fill in the application form online selecting Cockpit Arts as your preferred option for Question 15.

Workshops are expected to run approximately 1-2 times a month between September 2017 to May 2018. Participants will be required to complete at least 12 hours (approx 3 workshops) but may participate in more.

One further call for applications to Cockpit Arts’ LCN programme will be announced late Autumn 2017. The full programme will run until September 2018.

Please note – Each of the LCN partner organisations have varying delivery time frames.

Selection Criteria

To apply for LCN at Cockpit Arts you must:

1. Demonstrate excellence and quality in your finished product: including craft skill and originality/uniqueness, and in your use of materials (assessed through evidence of your work/product via website/links provided)
2. Be already able to demonstrate evidence of testing the market for your work and that you have an existing customer base (assessed via your CV/website)
3. Be willing to commit to 12 hours of support (including workshops and one to ones)
4. Be committed to growth in your chosen market, and to creative product, service and process development leading to a more sustainable practice (application statement)
5. Be able to outline the vision for your business or practice and how you hope this will develop in market and creative/product terms, underpinned by your business management and marketing (application statement)
6. Be able to articulate where you feel your strengths and weaknesses are in achieving your goals, including where your core business systems need to be taken to the next level (application statement)

The LCN Partners

The other LCN partners are running different versions of the programme tailored to their own industry.

SPACE is supporting visual artists to realise a project within a 6 month-period using innovative technologies or processes. The emphasis is on developing new products and services leading to a more sustainable practice. SPACE has been providing workspaces and advocacy for artists and supporting innovation since 1968.

Four Corners are supporting photographers to develop their practice through a programme of specialist workshops, mentoring support, in-house facilities and networking, with the opportunity to create and showcase new projects. Four Corners is a learning, production and exhibition centre for film and photography based in East London for over 40 years.

Photofusion support photographers to who wish to extend their practice by incorporating new ways of working, with an emphasis on the development of new products and services. Photofusion offers specialist workshops, use of in-house facilities, and mentoring, as well as advice on how to incorporate these new ways of working into existing business/artistic plans. Photofusion is London’s largest independent photography resource centre and has been operating in South London since 1979.

LCN Strategic partners: Artquest, DACS & Harbottle & Lewis


The London Creative Network project is part-financed by the European Regional Development Fund Programme 2014 to 2020. The Department for Communities and Local Government is the managing authority for the European Regional Development Fund Programme, which is one of the funds established by the European Commission to help local areas stimulate their economic development by investing in projects which will support local businesses and create jobs. For more information visit here. London Creative Network follows the very successful New Creative Markets (NCM) programme, which supported almost 600 London-based freelancers and small creative companies from 2012 to 2015. Learn more about NCM here.

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