In addition to affordable workspace we offer an array of support services to help you grow your business whilst you develop creatively.

How Incubation Works at Cockpit Arts

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How can Incubation help me?

At Cockpit Arts we work with businesses at all different levels – from supporting start-ups in taking their first steps to helping mid-career and established businesses to accelerate growth. Our incubators are specifically tailored to help talented makers who are developing creatively and we get great results.

In addition to raising profile, with our support, makers’ turnover and profits at Cockpit Arts have increased year-on-year since we introduced the incubation model in 2005. In 2013 our makers reported an average turnover of £35,936 and average profits of £9,761. These both compare favourably with the national average figures reported by the Craft Council for 2012 of £23,485 and £6,231. In 2014, makers reported an average 22% increase in turnover and 54% in profit on the previous year and 8 new jobs were created including 3 Apprenticeships.

Our Incubator Package Includes:

Affordable Studio Space

INCUBATOR.STUDIOCockpit Arts is a social enterprise, which means that fees for our incubator package are below commercial rates and we offer a range of Awards and Bursaries. Our London Incubators are based in Holborn and Deptford and studios feature:

Managed studio
Creative environment
Office facilities and resource library
Broadband access

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Business Development

INCUBATION.BUSINESS We have an experienced on-site team, offering an array of support services to help you grow your business while you develop creatively:

A team of on-site coaches
One-to-one business support
Peer-to-peer action learning
Ingenious Growth Loan Fund
Cockpit Associates (referral to specialist advisers)

Making It Programme
Workshops & Seminars,
Toolkit and more

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PR & Sales

INCUBATIONPRHaving a studio at Cockpit Arts is a recognised benchmark of quality craftsmanship and design excellence. We offer a range of promotional and sales opportunities including:

Open Studios public selling events
Profile raising events and campaigns
Exclusive studio tours with selling opportunities
Online maker directory and e-marketing
Brand Association and use of our Makers Mark

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