Cockpit Arts aims to be an equitable employer. We recognise and encourage the potential of a diverse workforce and appoint on merit.

Creative Employment Programme

JulieCockpit Arts’ Creative Employment Programme was established in 2013 as an initiative to help studio holders take on their first employees and to increase opportunities for employment in the craft sector.

Please note: Creative Employment Programme funded apprenticeships have fixed criteria, including you must be 18 – 24 and registered unemployed with Jobcentre Plus at the time of applying. These eligibility criteria have been approved by the Department of Work and Pensions.

Current opportunities – Work Experience in Craft Textile Business

In January 2016 Cockpit Arts will be recruiting for a 1 week ‘Pre Apprenticeship’ scheme for 18 – 24 year olds who are interested in doing a 12 month Apprenticeship with a textile business at Cockpit Arts. This is a fantastic opportunity to put yourself in front of potential employers and at the same time gain valuable work experience.

To be eligible you must be currently registered unemployed with your local job centre and 18 – 24 at the time of applying.

Potential employers are: Thornback & Peel, Lorna Syson, Jen Rowland, Julie Kouamo & Emma Nissim.

For further information or to register your interest please contact:

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Interested in knowing more about our consortium approach to employment? Read CCSkills case study on Cockpit Arts Creative Employment Programme here > To find out more about CCSkill’s Creative Employment Programme click here > creative-employment

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