Month: April 2016

Makers’ Stories – Cockpit Arts / NADFAS David Bell Memorial Award – Camilla Lee Lambert

NADFAS David Bell Memorial Award was established in 2014 to support a young crafts person aged 17 – 28 who is inspired by music and starting out in business. In April 2015 Camilla Lee Lambert was selected as a recipient of the prestigious Award. Camilla was awarded a place at a Cockpit Arts incubator for a year.
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Makers’ Stories – Catarina Riccabona

“I’m very surprised there is a market for hand woven. It’s a real relief that it’s possible. I’d always hoped hand making was a form of luxury; that the skill, care and attention to detail that go into my products is valued. I really appreciate the amount of creative control that I have over my pieces because I weave them by hand.”
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